Diabolo tilbehør

  1. Diabolosnor 70 meter
    Diabolosnor 70 meter

    Diabolo snor med flettet kerne fra Henrys - altid rund. Rulle med 70 meter. Vælg mellem 3 skarpe farver. Regn med at den nye snor i starten er lidt stivere end den gamle - indtil den er “kørt til”.

    299,00 DKK
  2. Diabolo Tuning-Set Free-Hub
    Diabolo Tuning-Set Free-Hub
    We designed this free-wheel set based on the long-time experiences with our ball bearing yo-yos. Our free-wheel axle consists of two contact-free sealed, restless ball bearings and a free wheel tube, which are surrounded from the two axle-ends and a wide roller. So all easily soiled parts are protected against annoying environmental impacts like dust or humidity and will have a smooth and slightly turn along the whole durability. The non-decomposable, maintenance free axle is easy to assemble free from defects. The wide roller and all other accessible parts are made of stainless steel. Thanks to the different colors of the special designed hubs the diabolo player always knows the direction of rotation. The set consists of: 1 free-wheel axle with mounted black hub, 1 white hub, 2 aluminum discs 50mm, 2 brass-discs 20mm and 2 aluminum cap nuts. The set fits in all Henrys Beach-, Vision- and Circus-Diabolos.
    209,00 DKK
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